Dive Destination Category - 5 Best Images


  • A set of 5 best images taken during January 1st - November 1st2016,  should be submitted to this category, introducing the destination you’ve been diving in.
  • These can be either 5 standalone impressive images with respect to composition, subject, idea, creativity and photography techniques, or 5 images that produce an impressive portfolio when integrated together.
  • Images should be capable of capturing the attention of divers and tourists and should introduce your chosen dive destination as appealing as possible.
  • The portfolio should feature diversity, creativity, attractive subjects and unique, fine photography techniques


  • 1st prize - Dreamy dive vacation for 2 people worth $20,000 in Papua New Guinea, including 7 nights at the Tawali Resort, 7 nights at Tufi Resort, 10 nights on board MV FeBrina + PNG domestic flights  
  •  2nd prize -  Dive trip of 11-day diving safari in Cocos Islands, courtesy of the Undersea Hunter Group

  • 3rd prize - Instinct Regulator 12S and a Puck Pro Computer, courtesy of Mares 

Dive Destination Category Winner - Martin Strmiska, Slovakia






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