Fresh Water

  • A set of 3 images taken in any natural fresh water resource should be submitted to this category. Natural fresh water resources include lakes, rivers, wells and more.
  • These can be either 3 standalone impressive images with respect to composition, subject, idea, creativity and photography techniques, or 3 images that produce an impressive portfolio when integrated together.


  • 1st prize- $4,000 USD worth Nauticam system (housing & underwater photo accessories), which can be customized according to the photographer's needs
  • 2nd prize- D9tx computer-watch, courtesy of Suunto
  • 3rd prize - 7 night trip for 1 person to the Maldives aboard the M/Y Conte Max or Duke of York, courtesy of Albatros Top Boat


1st place - Keri  Wilk Canada

2nd place - Stefan Beskow Sweden

3rd place - Pasi Lensu Finland 


Keri  Wilk Canada
Keri  Wilk Canada

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