Wrecks of the World

  • A single black & white image should be submitted to this category, featuring a shipwreck, plane wreck or any other underwater wreck.
  • The image should introduce the photographer’s perception of the wreck within its natural environment, such as featuring elements produced by the combination of the wreck with its new underwater environment.
  • There must be a substantial visual presence of the wreck in the image submitted.


  • 1st prize- $2,000 USD check, courtesy of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation
  • 2nd prize - 7 days diving trip on the luxury VIP 1 exploring the northern Egyptian Red Sea. Courtesy of Red Sea College
    3rd prize - 8-night full board diving holiday (7 diving days) in a beachfront bungalow for 1 person at
    Walindi Plantation Resort, Papua New Guinea


1st place - Barraque Nicolas France

2nd place - Jonathan Milnes England

3rd place - Fabian Alvarez Spain


Tobias Friedrich Germany

Peter Jacobs Spain


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